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Nova Dog!

If you haven’t figured it out yet, Nova is our dog!
We adopted her from Hi-Tor animal shelter in December of 2015 after months of me asking Zack if we could get a dog! We both wanted to get a large dog, and were looking for a lab. I came across Nova on facebook and the shelter assumed she was a Lab/Boxer mix based on her coloring and face. We were super excited when we found her, applied to adopt her and were accepted!

Nova & I at the pet store for the first time!

Zack and I both grew up with dogs, and were excited to have our own. But honestly, we had no idea what we were doing (and sometimes still don’t). We somehow, have seemed to have made it through the late night runs to get outside and all the other fun that comes with having a puppy!
Nova was 3 months and 30lbs when we adopted her, which we assumed was normal for a 60-70lb full grown Lab/Boxer mix. After 3 months and numerous strangers approaching us asking if she was part mastiff we decided to do a DNA test (The are ever changing but you find great ones on amazon). We got the results and sure enough our “little pup” Lab/Boxer is actually a Mastiff/Catahoula Leopard Dog, aka a mastahoula!
Nova is now full grown at 130lbs. We affectionately refer to her as a horse. Nova is happiest outside hiking or swimming, or snoring away!
Nova comes on most of our hikes and is always part of our planning process. She is another member of our little team/family, and we like to do our best to keep her safe and comfortable when we are out on the trail!
Below are just some of my favorite photos of her:

She is just as weird as the rest of us!

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