#Gear – Kula Cloth!

Just before Christmas I was not able to get out on the trail as much as I would normally like, so I did what any obsessed person would do, research gear and hikes!

I came across this product called the Kula Cloth and was instantly excited!

The Kula Cloth as they write on their website…  a “next level pee cloth” and in my opinion that is not even a fair exaggeration!

A little background as to why I was so excited: 2018 I did a 2 week road trip across 7 states in the US which included a multi-day backpacking trip in the Grand Tetons (Teton Crest Trail). In the Tetons we were required (to be a “good” hiker it is really always required) to follow leave no trace practices including packing out all of our toilet paper! It just so happened I volunteered to be the pack mule for the used toilet paper, which wasn’t a huge issue, we had a zip block bag that everyone put their used TP in and it worked just fine. But all it was was FINE.

I thought there had to be a better way! I had seen online a lot of women use a bandanna’s as their re-usable toilet paper, but something about that never sat quite right with me. I was convinced I would either accidentally use that bandanna for something else, of hand it off to someone and forget what it had been used for! I was ELATED to discover the Kula Cloth!

The Kula Cloth is a designated pee cloth! It is a piece of gear specifically designed for women, not an afterthought and it is AWESOME! One side of this nifty piece of gear is beautiful and waterproof (AND NOT PINK yay!). I chose the galaxy pattern because I happily embrace my nerdy side!


The entire cloth is just under 6″ x 6″ making it light, and easy to throw in a pocket, or hang on a pack while not getting in the way!

The other side is an absorbent antimicrobial (silver infused) fabric, where you wipe with! This piece of gear also features a snap loop that you can clip to your bag, and a double snap, to fold your wiping side to keep it from either getting gross from the world, or to keep your pee off your bag! In addition, it has reflective threading, so you can actually find your cloth at night when you need to pee!

Silver infused absorbent side & that white stitching is actually highly reflective!

I first got to try this out on a short local day hike!

Just look at how beautiful it is!

I was thrilled when nature called, and I got to test this out! It was raining/snowing on for some of this hike, so not having to dig through my bag for toilet paper was awesome! It was a HUGE relief to know that I didn’t have to either a) attempt to bury the used TP, or b) carry out my used TP. (Side Note: I learned on the aforementioned two week trip that when you bury toilet paper, it can cause the small critters of the forest to get sick, because they take your used TP to make nests, and thus all your germs become their home! Since learning this all of my TP has gotten hiked back out with me, making this piece of gear even more impressive!)

The real test to me was going to be a backpacking trip, and OH BOY did I get to test this bad girl out! I went on my first solo backpacking trip and was carrying a ton of gear (actually, I realized enough gear for two adult humans!)

You can see my Kula Cloth smack dab in the center of my massive pile of gear!

While packing my pack, I initially put my Kula Cloth on the back of my bag, that’s where I had seen it hung on most pictures I saw online, and that’s where I had put it on my day pack. img_20190104_183454_705

Almost immediately after starting to hike, alone, with my 140 lb dog, and attempting to corral her while having to pee. Then take my pack off to grab my cloth was not the most enjoyable. So, I moved it to a WAY more convenient spot, my shoulder strap!  HOLY MOLY was this the best plan ever for me! 00100sPORTRAIT_00100_BURST20190105140511955_COVER.jpg

I hung it right on the same spot as my new and still shiny Garmin inReach Explorer+.

Lucky me, I was ALSO fortunate enough to get my bodies natural congratulations/evil torture, your not pregnant before this venture out into the woods, making this an even more through test of this product! No issues what so ever using this product, even if the mother of all mother nature is with you!

Cleaning the Kula cloth is also super easy! I have been throwing mine into a small laundry bag, and following the online instructions of no fabric softer and have had no issues! For longer backpacking trips, I will likely bring a little biodegradable soap and wash it like I would wash anything out in the back country!

Overall, I was SUPER thrilled with this cloth and using it over my weekend backpacking trip! I am excited to be able to take this with me and honestly might start to carry it at work too (because many bathrooms I encounter at work lack toilet paper!).00000portrait_00000_burst20190105140523063

Nova does NOT care that I want to take a picture with her, all she cares about is the trail ahead, which in retrospect is probably how we should all be!00100lportrait_00100_burst20190110174440029_cover

Amazing, awesome product for anyone who wants to wipe after they pee!

PS… I also plan on using this awesome product on all travels, no more paying 25 cents for toilet paper for this lady!

PSS. I just LOVED this product, and it makes it that much easier to love it when the woman who developed this piece of gear and runs this company was SUPER sweet in answering any and all of my questions, even after her website covers pretty much any questions you could have!

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