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#Gear – Multi-Day First Aid Kit

Zack is an EMT and a Firemen, so I leaned on him to develop our medical kit. We do NOT re-pack this kit based on our specific hike/plan. This kit stays constant and is what gets put in our bags no matter the plan for the multi-day trip we are about to embark on. YES, that does mean we will carry extra gear, but I would prefer to be over prepared than missing something that might save our life…

Our packed kit.

This medical kit started as one of the Adventure Medical Kits. We then took the items we liked from the kit and started storing them in a more concise and tighter package (the trauma bag from our original kit).
We have a summary list of the items in the kit. We did this for a few reasons… That way we know what we are packing every trip (and can easily check that we haven’t used anything). We also do this so that when we hike with a group we can easily remember what we have packed, and coordinate among the group to cut down on duplicated items.

Summary of our Multi-Day First Aid Kit:


  • Band-aids
    • For minor booboos!
  • Gauze – Various Sizes
    • To control large wounds from bleeding & to keep them covered/sterile
  • Roller Gauze
    • For wrapping wounds & to keep them covered/sterile
  • Mole Skin
    • For blisters
  • Steri-Strips
    • Closes up a laceration until they can be sutured
    • Could be improvised with tape
  • Triangular Bandages
    • Used to supporting injured arms, additional bleeding control
    • Could be improvised with a shirt/spare clothing
  • Quick-Clot
    • To control significant bleeding from major traumas
  • Tourniquet
    • Used to cut off the blood flow to a limb when pressure or quick-clot has not sufficed
    • Could be improvised in the field with a triangular bandage or a shirt and a stick
    • Please note this could cause permanent damage to the limb, but it can also prevent the patient from bleeding out
  • Rubber Gloves
    • For protecting the caregiver
    • Can be used to cover wounds
  • Tampons
    • For Periods & Nose Bleeds (Thank you She’s the Man!!)
    • FYI – These are in the Trauma sections because I think I am hilarious… For those of you who don’t know getting your period is plenty traumatic, so I felt this was warranted, plust it makes me laugh!


  • (4) Anti-Septic Wipes
  • AfterBite
  • Biofreeze – Helps relieve muscle pain
  • (6) Asprin
  • (9) Benadryl – Dogs can use this too!
  • (5) Eyedroppers
  • (4) Pepto
  • (2) Decongestant (Day & Night)
  • Sun Screen


  • Duct Tape
  • Medical Tape
  • Tweezers
  • Safety Pins
  • Scissors
    • Haha please ignore my killer spelling skills on the index card!
  • Storm Proof Matches & Flint
  • Nail Clippers

Not Included in this specific kit, but included in our packs for multi-day trips …

Important Life Safety Items:


PS. Many of the items on this list could be improvised in the field if needed… we just prefer to have more items in our tool box to work with for the safety of us, fellow hikers and of course Nova. 
PSS. We are not medical professionals, and you should ALWAYS research the tools you have before setting out! The tools do not do you a whole lot of good if you don’t know how to properly use them!

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