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My Typical Backpacking Meal Plan

Full Disclosure… I am the WORST at stopping to eat when hiking, but my plan is always set with good intentions… I am stubborn and goal oriented, which means when I get out on the trail I tend to neglect that my body needs food and just keep hiking (much to my detriment). When I pack for backpacking/hiking I typically like to pack a few snacks that I enjoy in the hopes that I will actually want to stop and eat one of the options!
We plan for the following when backpacking:


  • Oatmeal is the typical breakfast.
    • The downside to oatmeal is that you have to heat water for this, so it takes time, but on a cold morning it can be wonderful!
    • I also loath oatmeal, so I will carry dehydrated fruit for long trips so I don’t get sick of it.
  • Granola/Granola Bar



Some of my favorite snacks/breakfast and lunch options!
  • Some people stop and eat a proper lunch, I typically opt for a few snacks sprinkled through the day… These are some of the things I will take:
  • Granola Bar or Two
  • Peanut Butter/Almond Butter Packets
  • Tuna/Salmon Packet (With crackers/Chips)
    • I typically bring these on VERY long day hikes when I need the break and the more “real” food to keep me going
  • Beef Jerky
    • I make this at home –  Typically I do a very plain jerky (a cut of london broil) with just salt or garlic salt!


  • I am very simple person when backpacking. I do not cook food out on the trail. All I do is boil water to prepare food… Essentially what you would do for the pre-made meals like the Mountain House dinners! I used to do the Mountain House dinners, but they get costly and are not very easy to pack (especially in a bear canister) Here is a blog post going super in depth to our dinners, but below is a little quick explanation…00100lPORTRAIT_00100_BURST20181231162108273_COVER
  • Mimicking the the pre-made dinners:
    • I take a zip block bag and portion out 1 meat and a veggie or two.
    • I add whatever seasoning I think I will want and plenty of salt to replenish what I loose out on the trail.
    • I buy freeze dried chicken/beef and veggies (I am going to try dehydrating our own veggies this year!)
    • Then I add either a ramen noodle packet or a mashed potato packet!
Example dinners from one of our backpacking trips! (These portions are set for 2 people!)


  • For shorter hikes, or more leisurely hikes I will sometimes carry fresh fruit (like an apple or orange (Remember leave no trace and carry your core and peel out!)
  • I also will usually carry one of those kids apple sauce squeeze packets. When I am not in the mood to eat that is the easiest thing mentally and physically for me to eat so I still get some sustenance to keep moving!

Just like everything else, food will be a personal preference. Just keep trying different methods till you find what works for you and keeps you happy out there! 🙂


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