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PCT Gear Shakedown – Pre-Hike

I have never been a ultra light (UL) hiker before, but I can understand the importance of hiking with as light of a pack as possible when your attempting to hike over 2,000 miles!

In general, I am gear obsessed… planning for this hike has made my obsession quirks really go crazy! I bought two scales from Amazon, a hanging scale (to get full base weight and larger items) and a small kitchen scale (to get fine detail weights). I spent about 3 months going over and over and over my gear lists starting with what I owned and have backpacked with in the past all the way down to what I am starting my hike with!

I spent about 1 month alone fixating on what tent I would carry… Another few weeks on what backpack and honestly another month on my down jacket!

EVERYTHING has weight…

Everything, even down to an extra hair tie. I have done my best to try and trim down my list to what I think will be useful, multi-purpose, keep me comfortable and happy based on my past experiences and research!

Below is my final gear shake down list PRE-hike. Almost every article/person I have spoken to has dropped weight while doing a thru hike… Half Way Anywhere for 2018 even shows that as one of their statistics! We will see what in my list changed after the hike and I will post another article!

Pre-Hike Gear Photo!

Here is the lighter pack link to my pre-hike gear list!

As I write this, I will be on the trail in less than 24 hours (talk about procrastination!). I plan to eventually come back and talk more in-depth about how I came to decided on each and every item, but that won’t be today as I still have some work to do before catching my flight! Wish me luck!

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