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For anyone who is new to this web page, welcome!
I am an avid hiker & backpacker who loves the outdoors and makes tons of mistakes, I call these mistakes learning experiences! I love helping others learn from my experience and sharing about a beautiful or challenging hike. I also am oddly obsessed with gear and am always interested in learning about new gear and seeing what is the best method/tool to accomplish my next goal! I have created this blog in hopes to make you 1) laugh, 2) learn something and 3) in the hope that you will be able avoid some of my blunders!
I love discussion and am happy to respond to any questions or comments!
***I am happy to say I am a Kula Cloth & SheFly Abmassador! I am NOT forced into this role and am willingly an ambassador because these are pieces of gear I believe in and want to spread the word!***

My first ever backpacking trip! (A super small section of the AT) – September 2015

A little about me – the author:

My name is Jess. I work in the NYC area as an engineer, and I am constantly (almost to a fault) looking for another adventure. I am no pro athlete, and am constantly getting myself out there an inevitably into some strange situations. I am thankful for my husband Zack who is the “logical” and safe one between us keeping us safe and our gigantic dog (or really small horse) Nova!
Ps. I am not the best with grammar or spelling, and I apologize in advanced for that!

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