Dog Gear & Tips

This section will cover: - How we hike / backpack with Nova, our 140lb Mastahoula and what we use to keep her safe and comfortable! - Let me know what else you want to see covered & reviewed in the comment section!

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    #Gear – Dog Sleeping Arrangement

    So, you want to go on an overnight adventure with your pup, but also want to make sure they sleep well and stay safe! This is what we take backpacking to ensure Nova is comfortable and warm enough on the overnights… Please remember Nova is 140lbs and has the body to prove it. Curled up, Nova and I take up the same space, so what works for us/her might be heavier or bulkier than what you need if you have a 40lb dog! The Gear: Bed: Z-lite sleeping pad – Chosen for a few reasons: It is foam so no matter how she sits, plops, digs or scratches she can’t pop it…