As always, my plans have changed, and this is only the beginning!
This page of my blog is dedicated to my 2019 PCT Thru Hike!

So what is the PCT?

PCT symbol!

Briefly, the PCT is the Pacific Crest Trail, a trail that runs approximately 2,650 miles on the west cost of the United States. The trail is only an approximate length because it changes and is not always the same. Every year various weather and trail conditions such as downed trees, forest fires, land slides etc. create unsafe conditions that the amazing Pacific Crest Trail Association (PCTA) volunteers work diligently to re-direct the trail.

The PCT runs North-South that goes through three states, Washington, Oregon and California! The PCT goes through 6 ecosystems including deserts and mountains. I describe to my east coast friends and family who are un-familiar with the PCT that it is like the AT of the west coast! (Not exactly the same but it helps get my point across!)

Map of the PCT!

This page…

This page will be home to all of the preparation, execution and finally the results of my 2019 PCT Thru Hike, I hope you enjoy!

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