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    Cheap, Packable, Backpacking Food

    When we first started backpacking we SWORE by the Mountain House meals. More specifically the first one we tried that we fell in love with … this chicken and mashed potato one! It gets pretty expensive to buy two $10 meals every night your out backpacking, plus fitting more than 4 of those bags in a bear canister with other snacks etc proves to be a fantastic tetris challenge! We started to look into other options and at this point we have decided that making our own meals is the most cost effective (Closer to $4/serving), space efficient, and tastiest way to do it! Please keep in mind… we ONLY boil water…

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    #Gear – Dog Sleeping Arrangement

    So, you want to go on an overnight adventure with your pup, but also want to make sure they sleep well and stay safe! This is what we take backpacking to ensure Nova is comfortable and warm enough on the overnights… Please remember Nova is 140lbs and has the body to prove it. Curled up, Nova and I take up the same space, so what works for us/her might be heavier or bulkier than what you need if you have a 40lb dog! The Gear: Bed: Z-lite sleeping pad – Chosen for a few reasons: It is foam so no matter how she sits, plops, digs or scratches she can’t pop it…

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    ADK – Grace Camp – The Hike

    I have another post just dedicated to Grace Camp Cabin! As with everything, nothing in life is easy… There is a funny backstory to how we arrived going to the ADK Grace Camp cabin this particular weekend… This cabin was supposed to be the location of my bachelorette party! The day before my MOH broke her foot. Even though she offered to make the 3mi hike in, we all knew that was NOT the best plan, especially since she had never gone hiking or backpacking before… Anyway, we all decided to head to Grace Camp in the fall, and booked it for November 2018. 6 humans and 1 massive Nova…

  • Adriondack 46ers & More - NY,  Hikes

    ADK – Grace Camp – Review!

    There will be a future post about the actual hike experience, particularly because we took two new backpackers on this trip. I figured people would like a review with pictures, which was something I wasn’t able to find when booking this trip to the Adirondack Mountain Club’s Grace Camp! The easiest way to access Grace Camp is by parking in the Garden Parking Lot in Keene, NY. The Garden Parking lot does have a fee to park there, and is relativity small, so if you plan on heading up there, try to get there early! The hike in is pretty straight forward. Not too much room for error.  There is a…

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    ADK46 – Table Top, Marcy, Gray, Skylight

    After our abysmal attempt over the 2016 4th of July weekend we decided to head back up to the Adirondacks over labor day, so we could check more peaks off and get closer to our goal of completing all 46 before our wedding in the fall of 2017. We wanted to check off more of the ADK 46ers. We drove up the the Adirondacks and set out to Table Top Mountain, Mt. Marcy Mt. Gray and Mt. Skylight!

  • Adriondack 46ers & More - NY,  Hikes

    ADK46 – Phelps

    We set out for 4th of July weekend 2016 to do a 3-day backpacking trip, and to mark off a chunk of the 46-ers. We even had grand plans of getting all of the 46-ers done before our wedding in Fall of 2017! We thought this was totally possible and had already proven to ourselves that we could hike 10 miles a day with full backs and no issues, so this was the plan... Sometimes being unbelievably stubborn is not the best plan, but having a sensible hiking partner sure does help!